Protect your system’s vulnerabilities from hackers and security exploits with a real-world attack scenario in a secure environment by our team of over 3000 Ethical hackers and security engineers. Be aware of the shortcomings in your software before they are digital exploitation.

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Penetration testing is a risk-free method to verify the security of a system by simulating real-time cyber attacks. The purpose of penetration testing is to help detect and eliminate as many vulnerabilities as possible, thereby reducing the risks of future attacks. In other words, penetration testing keeps you one step ahead of hackers. The scope of security threats in the modern digitized world is unprecedented. Malicious actors target companies’ systems to make big money or damage victims’ reputations. The list of weapons at the hackers’ disposal is ever-expanding, and most companies must rely on their internal cybersecurity personnel to ensure the ultimate safety of their employees and customers. Therefore, they must also resort to security services provided by external professional vendors. Hackdra has developed distinctive methodologies to fill the void of this need. Ethical hackers and security engineers detect your system’s vulnerabilities from a hacker’s point of view and provide flawless security using the industry’s first and only 185 IQ-level artificial intelligence technology. In addition to these audits and checks, as a Deepweb origin company, it detects the source of attacks and provides uninterrupted security service and guidance.

Full-scale security risk reporting

Pen testing mitigates overall security risk by finding and fixing runtime vulnerabilities.

Detect multivector vulnerabilities

Penetration testing identifies weaknesses, including complex, multivector vulnerabilities.

Check intrusion possibility

Determine the strength of existing controls and check if intrusion is possible.

Actionable findings for devs

Empower developers to find and fix issues before bad actors can exploit them.

No business interruptions

Blockchain pentesting is run in simulated environment to eliminate business interruptions.

High degree of accuracy

Pen testers manually verify results to ensure low false-positive rates.



Particle element

“Many companies around the world have reported massive cyberattacks. Cyber-attackers, who demand a ransom in return for deciphering and retrieving companies’ encrypted data and private files, demands $300000 worth of digital currency and bitcoin from victims. In the cyber world, transfers made with bitcoin cannot be tracked, and identity cannot be determined. Cyber security expert Gerome Billois said: “The biggest reason for this attack is that the operating systems and software of the targeted companies have not been updated. There were probably unclosed vulnerabilities in this software,” he said. The source of the attack has not yet been determined. US National Security Council officials announced that the matter was being investigated and demanded that the ransom not be paid. It is stated that even if the ransom is paid, access to the files cannot be guaranteed again. The attack hit nearly 2,000 companies, according to an analysis from Russian antivirus firm Kaspersky. Most affected companies are in Ukraine, Russia, and Poland. Interpol has also launched an investigation into the matter. It was stated that the virus used the same vulnerabilities as “wannacry” last month.”

Hackdra does not allow these exploits. Penetration testing is an attack simulation that aims to gain unauthorized access to targeted systems and data from the perspective of a malicious attacker. Completing a penetration test reduces the chances of hackers finding weak spots in your system. Hackdra does not give this chance to hackers by completing the Penetration test with a perfect security rate. Considering the need in the industry, Hackdra takes security measures with significant innovations and artificial intelligence. These measures create the environment for the Web3 world to become safer and prevent fraud. Its innovative structure in the industry follows many methodologies with manual professional team review and AI technology. As a deep web origin company, it gives importance to its security as much as it gives to the security of its customers. Our consultancy helps you protect your company’s reputation through steps such as deep web record search, fraud resolution services, and providing assurances such as identity theft insurance.



Most damaging breaches are in the US. The Average cost of a breach in the United States is the highest of any country.

Malicious attacks are behind most breaches. Breaches are the result of attackers exploiting combinations of errors or vulnerabilities.

Average breaching cost of a phishing attack (23% of all breaches) Phishing is the 2nd most common & most devastating attack.

Organizations have had more than one breach, and data breaches continue to plague organizations.

Data breach in 2022 is the highest average cost of all time.

The frequency of breaches caused by stolen or compromised credentials is the top attack vector.



Web Apps + API

Web app penetration testing secures applications before a breach compromises valuable data and tarnishes brand reputation.

Web application security testing service is the only way to identify runtime and environment risks.

Website security penetration testing should be used during QA, late stages of production, and after deployment.

Web app pen testing is most suitable for all projects with a website, especially if the website processes sensitive information such as payment and identification details.

Web app pent tests allow businesses to detect vulnerabilities that cannot be found earlier in the development cycle.

Mobile Apps

Application penetration testing discovers security vulnerabilities in iOS and Android applications and corresponding back-end components.

Pentesting Android and iOS apps connected to blockchain using traditional static and dynamic testing techniques.

Application pen testing eliminates the threats of code tampering and insecure data storage, communication and authentication.

Mobile pentest should be used to detect vulnerabilities during runtime tests and release phases.

Application security penetration testing allows businesses to detect vulnerabilities that cannot be found earlier in the development cycle.

External & Internal Network

External penetration testing services identifies security vulnerabilities in an external network and systems.

External network penetration testing includes test cases for encrypted transport protocols, SSL certificate scoping issues, and use of administrative services.

Internal penetration testing finds weaknesses in traditional on-premises environments.

Network penetration testing as a service includes both external infrastructure penetration testing and internal network penetration testing.

Network penetration testing services allow businesses to mitigate the ever-increasing threats of new ways of breaking into networks.

Professionally protect your system and future in a real-world attack scenario in a controlled environment with our ethical hackers.



Penetration testing is a preventative security measure for a system or project. It can only predict attack or exploit activities by “ethical hackers and expert security engineers” who can think like malicious hackers.

We have now made penetration testing and security testing painless with our large ethical hacker teams that we have developed, consisting of top AI and expert security engineers. A security testing service is a proactive cybersecurity measure that aims to identify internal and external vulnerabilities of a software application by attempting to breach existing security controls. Penetration testing follows in the footsteps of a potential attacker but does not harm. The main benefit is to be proactive rather than reactive.

Black Box

Analyzing a running program by probing it with various inputs.

White Box

Analyzing and understanding source code and the design.

Grey Box

The combination of the white box and the black box.


Reconnaissance tools

Reconnaissance tools

Requirements for discovering network hosts and open ports.
Vulnerability scanners

Vulnerability scanners

Requirements for network services, web applications, and APIs.
Proxy tools

Proxy tools

Requirements for detecting and preventing web vulnerabilities.
Exploitation tools

Exploitation tools

Requirements for accessing assets and reaching the base of the system.
Post-exploitation tools

Post-exploitation tools

Requirements to interact with systems, maintain and expand access, and achieve attack targets.






The customer and Hackdra discuss the pen test's object and scope of work. Hackdra makes a proposal including a plan and price for conducting the test.


Hackdra professional pen-testers start Continuous pen-testing for over 100 hours per week and report the PoC of each vulnerability to customers.


Hackdra sends customers detailed reports and instructions on fixing security exploits and bugs. The pen-tester team starts retesting to ensure all vulnerabilities are fixed.

Looking forward to avoiding exploits and making your project free of security flaws?

What projects need penetration testing?


Finance & Banking

Needs Protection: transaction data and account details, personal information.


Needs Protection: personal user data, bank account data and customer information.

Play-2-Earn & GameFi

Needs Protection: transaction data, identity data, bank account data, biometric verification, device data.

Cryptocurrency mining & Wallet

Needs Protection: payment information, private key, personal data.

Centralized & Decentralized Exchange

Needs Protection: transaction data, identity data, bank account data, biometric verification, device data.



Hackdra Penetration Testing System Review and Security Analysis Report

Uncover vulnerable software, weak credentials, and infrastructure misconfigurations across web, mobile, network, API, and desktop assets.

Root out vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications to keep your data safe.

Find weaknesses in infrastructure that hosts public applications and filters malicious traffic.

Test against OWASP top 10 categories and adhere to industry standards.



100% vulnerabilities eliminated

We guarantee to identify and aid in eliminating ALL malicious vulnerabilities.

International compliance standards

Our report meets the requirements for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO27001 and governments, etc.

Optimal results

Our pentesting solution is 7 times more effective than traditional methods.

Continuous reporting

Real-time continuous reporting facilitates early detection and remediation of vulnerabilities.

Special offer A FREE package of monitoring and periodic report after the project is complete.



Reputable on the Deepweb

Reputable on the Deepweb

As a deepweb based company, we value our security as much as we care about the safety of our customers. We guide you through the steps to help protect your company’s reputation, such as providing measures such as Deepweb record searches, fraud resolution services, and identity theft insurance.
Expert Penetration Testing Provider

Expert Penetration Testing Provider

Hackdra has a big family of expert security engineers and ethical hackers. It is also the first and only security company in the industry to use artificial intelligence technology to provide flawless penetration testing services.
Time-Efficient Process

Time-Efficient Process

Audit duration is agreed upon with the customer during the negotiation phase and there are no unexpected delays. We start the audit immediately after a client provides us with all required docs.
Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

The price of the penetration testing is determined at the stage of negotiations. It is based only on the system complexity and scope. There are no hidden fees and penalties.
International trust

International trust

Hackdra pentest reports meet PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO27001, governments, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap requirements. Thus, it serves as an indicator of your credibility with users.


Hackdra has a 0% vulnerability exploit, fraud, and phishing exploit case status in penetration-tested projects (no system tampering or coding).


In 2019, foreseeing the needs of the WEB3.0 world, a group of ethical hackers respected in the Deepweb, aiming to destroy fraud wherever it can be reached, founded Hackdra because of their passion for making the internet more secure. Today, Hackdra is the first and only AI-powered security company in the market, combining their passion for cyber security with the 185 IQ level AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology they have developed. It develops security products and solutions for organizations to combat security risks in the digital age. It combines this innovative structure with the skills of ethical hackers and security experts to provide perfect security that makes a difference in ARM (attack resistance management). This approach enables organizations to always stay ahead of cyber threats. It closes the security gap between what organizations have and what they can protect. Its differentiating technology and innovative methodology to find and close the holes in the digital attack surface by unquestionably preventing fraud in every accessible area support its ever-growing family by breaking ground in the WEB3.0 world.

Hackdra has global offices in New York, USA, and headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. Today, our mission, values, approach, and innovative structure keep our team’s passion alive by supporting our team’s passion for making the WEB3.0 world a better and more reliable place.

Years of Expertise


Expert Members



Corporate Companies

Crypto Exchanges

Service Provided

Pentesting Projects

Audited Projects

Codes Reviewed

Codes Repaired

Attacks Blocked

Vulnerabilities Fixed

Vulnerabilities Discovered


All of us Hackdra family are driven by a passion for our mission, and a strong urge to work together to make the world a better place.

Microsoft Gold Certified
The Linux Foundation
python Software Foundation
The Apache Software Foundation


Hackdra Unites Exceptional Talent By Sourcing Employees From The Best Universities And Companies Across The World.

Certified Ethical Hacker
Certified Network Defender
Licensed Penetration Tester
Certified Penetration Testing Professional

Protect your system, protect the future of your company

Consult our team of experts for free to earn the trust of the entire Web3 community.



A pen test (short for “penetration testing”) is a simulated cyber attack that is carried out on a computer system, network or application to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses that an attacker could exploit.

The objective of a pen test is to discover security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a system or application, and to report them to the responsible parties so that they can be addressed and fixed before they are exploited by malicious actors.

Pen testing can be conducted using various methods and techniques, such as manual testing, automated testing, or a combination of both. The testing can be performed by an in-house team of security experts or by a third-party vendor.

Penetration testing is an important part of a comprehensive security strategy and helps organizations to identify and address security risks before they can be exploited by attackers.

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing or ethical hacking, is a method of testing the security of computer systems, networks, and applications by simulating an attack on them. The objective of a penetration test is to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can be exploited by attackers, and to provide recommendations for mitigating these risks.

There are several types of penetration testing, including:

Network Penetration Testing: This type of testing focuses on identifying vulnerabilities in network infrastructure, such as routers, switches, and firewalls.

Web Application Penetration Testing: This type of testing is focused on identifying vulnerabilities in web applications, such as input validation, authentication, and authorization.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing: This type of testing focuses on identifying vulnerabilities in mobile applications, such as data leakage, insecure storage, and weak authentication.

Wireless Penetration Testing: This type of testing focuses on identifying vulnerabilities in wireless networks, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Social Engineering Penetration Testing: This type of testing focuses on testing the human factor of security by attempting to trick employees into divulging sensitive information or providing unauthorized access to the system.

Penetration testing should be performed by skilled professionals who have experience and expertise in identifying security risks and recommending appropriate solutions.

There are several types of penetration testing, but the three primary types are:

Black Box Penetration Testing: In this type of testing, the tester has no prior knowledge of the system being tested. The tester is given limited information about the system, such as its IP address, and is asked to identify vulnerabilities and exploit them. This type of testing simulates an attack by an external attacker who has no knowledge of the system’s internal workings.

White Box Penetration Testing: In this type of testing, the tester has complete knowledge of the system being tested, including its architecture, source code, and network topology. This type of testing simulates an attack by an insider who has knowledge of the system’s internal workings.

Grey Box Penetration Testing: In this type of testing, the tester has partial knowledge of the system being tested. The tester is given some information about the system, such as its architecture or network topology, but not full access to the system. This type of testing simulates an attack by a skilled attacker who has some knowledge of the system but not complete access.

Each type of penetration testing has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the choice of testing type depends on the specific needs and goals of the testing.

The five stages of penetration testing are:

Planning and Reconnaissance: In this stage, the Hackdra experts and HackdraAI defines the scope of the test, identify the target system, and perform surveillance to gather information about the target. This may include determining the operating system, applications, network topology, and potential vulnerabilities.

Scanning: In this stage, the Hackdra experts and HackdraAI perform active and passive scanning to identify open ports, services, and vulnerabilities in the target system. This may include vulnerability scanning, network mapping, and fingerprinting.

Gaining Access: In this stage, the Hackdra experts and HackdraAI attempt to exploit identified vulnerabilities to gain access to the target system. This may include password cracking, social engineering, and exploiting vulnerabilities in software or hardware.

Maintaining Access: In this stage, the Hackdra experts and HackdraAI attempt to keep access to the target system by installing backdoors, creating user accounts, or hiding malware.

Analysis and Reporting: In this stage, the Hackdra experts analyze the test results, identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the system, and provide a detailed report of the findings to the client. The information may include recommendations for improving the target system’s security, such as implementing patches or upgrading software.

A penetration test (pen test) is a simulated attack on a computer system, network, or web application to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the security controls. The following are all the steps involved in a pen test:

Planning and reconnaissance: The first step is to define the scope and objectives of the pen test. The tester gathers information about the target system or application, such as the IP address, operating system, applications, and services.

Scanning: Hackdra ethical hackers use automated tools to scan the target system or application for vulnerabilities. The scan identifies open ports, services, and potential vulnerabilities.

Enumeration: Hackdra ethical hackers use manual methods to gather information about the target system, such as user accounts, network shares, and system configuration.

Vulnerability analysis: The Hackdra ethical hackers analyze the vulnerabilities identified during the scanning phase and determine their potential impact on the target system or application.

Exploitation: Hackdra ethical hackers attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to the system or application.

Post-exploitation: The Hackdra ethical hackers use the access gained during exploitation to compromise the system or application further.

Reporting: The Hackdra ethical hackers document the findings and provide a detailed report that includes the vulnerabilities identified, the potential impact of each vulnerability, and recommendations for mitigating the vulnerabilities.

Remediation: The organization or project uses the findings in the report to address the vulnerabilities and improve the security posture of the system or application.

Verification: The Hackdra ethical hackers verify that the vulnerabilities have been remediated by performing a follow-up test.

Penetration testing, also known as “pen testing” is the process of evaluating an organization’s security by simulating an attack from a hacker or malicious insider. It is important for several reasons:

Identifying vulnerabilities: Penetration testing can help identify weaknesses in an organization’s network, applications, and infrastructure. This information can then be used to improve security measures and mitigate potential risks.

Testing security controls: Penetration testing can also test the effectiveness of an organization’s existing security controls and policies. This helps to ensure that the controls are working as intended and that they are adequate to protect against real-world threats.

Compliance requirements: Many industries and regulatory bodies require regular penetration testing as part of their compliance requirements. Failing to comply with these regulations can result in fines and legal penalties.

Risk reduction: By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities through penetration testing, an organization can reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack. This can help protect sensitive data, intellectual property, and reputation.

Continuous improvement: Penetration testing should be an ongoing process to ensure that security measures are effective and up-to-date. By regularly testing security controls and identifying vulnerabilities, organizations can continuously improve their security posture and stay ahead of emerging threats.

Hackdra, with its passion to strengthen the Web3 World and make it a safer place as per its mission, provides various services in order to end fraud, protect companies and “serve for humanity” with the desire of “Full security” wherever it can be accessed. Penetration testing service is also included.

The cloud has a significant impact on penetration testing, particularly with respect to the tools and techniques used in testing, as well as the overall process of conducting tests. Here are some ways the cloud impacts penetration testing:

Increased scope and complexity: With the cloud, organizations can deploy applications and services across multiple environments, which can be more challenging to secure. This increased complexity requires more advanced testing techniques to identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure that security controls are in place.

Dynamic infrastructure: The cloud is highly dynamic and can rapidly scale up or down to meet changing demands. As a result, testing must be conducted in a way that can keep pace with these changes, and the penetration testers must be equipped with the latest tools and techniques to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in real-time.

Unique cloud-specific vulnerabilities: The cloud introduces new vulnerabilities, such as misconfigurations in cloud-based environments, unsecured APIs, and issues related to multi-tenancy. Penetration testers must be knowledgeable about these unique cloud-specific vulnerabilities and have the skills to identify and exploit them.

Access to cloud-based testing tools: Cloud providers offer a range of security tools that can be leveraged by penetration testers. For example, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers services such as Amazon Inspector, which can automate the process of assessing applications for vulnerabilities. Penetration testers can also use cloud-based tools for load testing, network scanning, and vulnerability scanning.

Overall, the cloud has revolutionized the way organizations deploy applications and services, and it has also had a significant impact on penetration testing. Penetration testers must be equipped with the latest tools and techniques to keep pace with the rapidly evolving cloud environment and identify vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

Penetration testing allows a project to detect and eliminate vulnerabilities that may have been left unnoticed by internal specialists. This form of security testing allows a project to be well-prepared for addressing real-world cyberattacks.

Hackdra applies various approaches when performing network penetration testing services.

Black box method almost fully resembles real-world attacks. The only difference is that this testing does not cause any real damage to the project. White box mimics internal penetration. The goal is to see what kind of damage an authorized malicious actor can do before the security systems kick in. For some projects, it would be more appropriate to apply the white box method or the combination of these two methods.

Penetration testing is carried out by certified security specialists who have absolutely nothing to do with cybercrime except fighting it. In addition to relying on Pentestbox and Pentesterlab, Hackdra utilizes proprietary software and penetration testing tools to achieve the most effective results in web application pentesting.

Transparent penetration testing pricing. The customer receives a detailed breakdown of pen testing costs. The pen testing price is determined before the process starts. There are no hidden fees. The range and complexity of the client’s systems under test is what determines the web application penetration testing cost.

The average cost of a penetration test depends on the type and system complexity. When done correctly, it’s worth every penny. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of pricing for your project after you request a quote. You are getting a team of specialists who will work on detecting every possible way in which your systems can be compromised. In addition to securing financial assets locked in your project, our team will guide you through the entire process.

If you don’t know where to start or which systems to put under test first, our security experts will provide recommendations and potential weak points, guide you through each step, and generally assist in everything to make pentesting cost-effective for you.

Yes, our specialists will provide you with the report containing all findings and recommendations on how to eliminate detected vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing is performed in a safe, controlled environment. This form of security testing does not cause any serious damage to the systems under test.

Hackdra is among the most innovative web application penetration testing companies as we push the boundaries regarding what systems can be covered by web penetration testing services.

Hackdra offers a range of penetration services, including web application penetration testing service, network penetration (external infrastructure penetration testing and internal network penetration testing), website security penetration testing, and blockchain penetration testing. We also offer mobile pentest, including android pentesting apps and iPhone pentesting tools.

We also pay attention to the specific context of our customers. As one of the most flexible pentesting companies with many specialists on our team, we can adjust our offering to your specific context and needs. Hackdra team has already fulfilled these and countless similar requests: “blockchain pen testing,” “pentest web application,” “website penetration test,” “pentesting android app,” “pentesting online,” and “penetration testing a web application.” Whatever your pen testing request, we will carefully consider it to come up with the best solution for you.

Hackdra is a well-known Cyber Security Consulting company with more than ten years of expertise. Hackdra is a trusted member of the smart contract auditing crypto community. We have worked with hundreds of famous projects, including the largest crypto exchanges, the largest corporate companies, the best CMC projects, and the governments of the United States and Germany, especially the Republic of Turkey.

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