We help you unpack web3’s implications and establish a future-back view of how it could impact your industry. We assess opportunities and threats, reimagine your business model with new digital experiences, support product launches, and chart a course for long-term value generation. In a rapidly shifting landscape, we’ll help you separate the noise from the strategic actions you must take to prepare, adapt, and ultimately thrive in the next digital era.

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Today’s users are accustomed to having all information readily available at their fingertips. Offering a well-structured support system that makes it easy for users to find the answers to the most common questions, while also offering timely, efficient, and fulfilling support for the more demanding inquiries, is alpha omega. We are determined to push the boundaries of user service in the crypto space and to raise the standard for how crypto companies interact with their users.

Knowledge Bases

Deliver intuitive, high-performing knowledge bases informed by user behavior.

Most users prefer helping themselves and are more likely to stick to your product if they feel safe and supported when seeking information. With a well-structured database that addresses the most common challenges your users face, you can save your company valuable time while easing your user’s journey and limiting the amount of support-related inquiries.

We’ll help you:

Analyze your user needs and work proactively to tackle their challenges

Structure an efficient knowledge base set-up where your users easily can find exactly what they are looking for

Analyze and optimize your current knowledge base

Write educational articles and how-to guides in your brand’s tone of voice

Structure and write guidelines and policies for your product

HubSpot, ZenDesk or Gitbook

B2C & B2B Support

Execute humane and efficient support functions for your users.

In the era of web3, meeting users where they’re at with a human approach, can be the difference between breaking it and making it. Every crypto project is vulnerable to bad-faith actors seeking to exploit users by compromising their wallets through phishing. Offering a direct line of communication with support professionals protects your users from fraud, and protects your image. Our seasoned team of support professionals have several years of unique experience meeting users in web3 while communicating directly with developers, and are highly skilled in solving technical issues and debunking user errors.

We offer:

Structuring a B2C support line with your brand’s tone of voice

Scalable B2C support team specialized in tech and Web3

A proactive and human approach to solving your user’s challenges

User KYC processes and onboarding

Regular reports on user satisfaction (CSAT), bug reports, and other valuable data



What makes or breaks most crypto projects is their ability to create lasting engagement and commitment in their audience while successfully converting prospects to users, investors, and advocates. You can rely on our high-performing and experienced community teams to bear the bulk of the work. Our seasoned community teams have been through everything from bot attacks and FUD storms to massive hype and price explosions. With our tried and battle-tested teams, we can tailor a highly engaging and converting package that suits your project’s specific needs and ambitions.

High-performing Discord Servers And Telegram Channels

Discord and Telegram present golden opportunities to connect with your project’s community at an eye level. Based on your project’s scope and needs, we’ll tailor the perfect server for you with the channels and bots necessary to engage prospects, convert users and take your project to the moon.

Full Management And Community Development

Many projects choose to focus their internal people on development while outsourcing the community building to external professionals. Leave your community in good hands with our seasoned community managers and moderation teams.

Our community managers are ready to lead your community from the front and work closely with your existing management team to ensure that your following consistently grows and that your project’s vision is brought to life.


Looking for advice on how to best grow your community? Our seasoned team is ready for a free and non-binding chat about how we can accelerate your growth.

24/7 Moderation And Engagement

A great moderator makes all the difference and does much more than just delete unwanted messages and keep your servers FUD-free. Our teams are all certified Discord Moderators from Discord’s Moderator Academy and are trained in sales, communication, marketing, and conflict resolution. They continuously attend webinars, training courses, and product training sessions to ensure that they’re prepared for all situations.

Our teams are ready to embed themselves in your existing team and work with your management team to improve both engagement, and conversion and capitalize on the value inherent in your following. You can expect daily performance reports, consistent follow-ups, and a valuable and responsive addition to your existing operation.

Audit And Restructure Existing Communities

For many teams experiencing challenges with community building, it can be helpful to have an outside perspective provided by seasoned professionals. Our team is ready to do a free and non-binding audit to help your project improve its community channels.



Marketing can take many forms. Let’s find the one best suited for your project and help you scale it with our top-notch marketing services. Choosing the right marketing solutions for your project can make or break it. Our seasoned marketers are ready to help you customize a campaign setup that will accelerate your growth and take your project to the next level.

Paid Social Services

Running a successful business nowadays requires a strong digital omnichannel presence, but what is it and how do you ensure you get the most out of it?

When building an online presence within the web3 space there are many pitfalls that you should avoid at all costs, as a violation of the terms of service/use can get your account permanently banned or rejected, which can result in shutting down your business in the long term. All relevant social media channels are very conscious of web3 projects, as they are mostly about digital currency or services, which is a red flag within the violation departments on the given channel already, and why you need to be extremely careful.

At Hackdra, we have built a full-service paid social setup based on our own AB tests and experiences to ensure that you’re in the best possible hands regarding the marketing of your web3 project.

With a massive investment in marketing campaigns and paid social, we have gathered great experience in what the most powerful and high-converting setups are, which we will allow you to benefit from. Based on our experiences we are able to make a fully scalable paid social marketing setup tailored to your specific business and needs.

We’ll help you:

Analyze your website data and identify your core audience

Research your 5 biggest competitors’ marketing activities

Analyze your digital profile and previous marketing activities for maximum yield of future campaigns

Identify the purpose of your marketing activities and set up SMART goals based on your ad budget

Identify the most relevant and appropriate social media channels for you to advertise on

Identify your tone of voice so that all campaigns are streamlined and are spoken in the same “language”

Giveaways, Contests And AMAs

Giveaways, contests and AMAs are great ways to build engagement, connect with your community, and engage them to help your project.

You can use giveaways and contests as powerful tools to generate interest and buzz for your project. It’s an effective strategy for attracting new investors and users, as well as for engaging with and rewarding your existing community. When hosting giveaways and contests, it’s important to be mindful of prize sizes, frequency, as well as the platform you’re hosting them on.

You can use AMAs to connect with your community and provide a platform for answering questions and sharing information. It’s a particularly popular and effective tool in crypto, due to the complexity of the technology. An AMA is a great opportunity to build trust and credibility with your community and show them that you’re willing to engage with them.

Press Releases And Sponsored Articles

Press releases and sponsored articles are great ways to get the word out through established, reliable publishers. We’ll utilize our connections to get you published in the best news outlets and can also deliver high-converting, USP-based content.



The ability to grow, engage and inspire its online following is fundamental to any crypto project’s success. For many projects, developing a distinct brand voice, creating a strategy for building relationships with their audience, and converting users can be challenging – but we’re here to help. Our seasoned social media managers can help with everything from developing your brand identity to direct SoMe management and content production and are ready to ignite interest, grow your following, and convert users. Our team of crypto-focused social media managers is ready to elevate your brand to new heights with a broad toolbox of tried and tested methods of growing your online audience.

Social Media Management

With your Social Media managed by Hackdra we’ll:

Delegate a dedicated Social Media Manager to your project so you can rest easy knowing your Social Media is cared for

Engage your audience and inspire action so we can multiply your impact on socials

Increase organic traffic from socials to your webpage so you can get the traffic to where you need it

Press Releases

Press releases are a fundamental part of branding your business and reaching your audience when communicating everything from incoming projects to product launches. We will help you narrow down unique sales points and create engaging content so that you are sure to get your message across the relevant channels to reach your target audience.

Motion Graphics

We combine your brand’s visual identity with dynamic text, color, movement and graphics to create unique content that brings your brand to life.

GIFs & Videos


Explainer Videos

Promo videos

Promotional Articles & Company Blog Content

Building a brand is telling a story. Let your audience get to know the ins and outs of your brand with promotional articles and company blogs. We’ll help you create engaging long reads that will build trust, enthusiasm and offer unique perspectives that align with your company’s values. Our in-house writers are crypto savvy and deliver quality content in every article.

Text Posts & Graphics

We elevate and maintain your web3 presence with supreme social media copywriting. Stand-alone (only text) or combined with unique visual content creation to help you stand out from the crowd. We build a strong connection between your brand and community through creative content creation.

We collaborate with 200+ international artists featured

We have skilled graphic designers and illustrators on our team ready to take your visual identity to the next level

Contests & Giveaways

Contests are a tried and tested method that’s sure to engage your audience. There are lots of things to think about when it comes to hosting contests. Everything from entry rules, prizes and copywriting, to graphics, drawing a winner and prize distribution has to line up perfectly. We’ve got you covered with the best strategies, management and content for giveaways on social media.

Polls & Community Questions

Polls let your community vote on certain topics or answer questions, and offer a unique opportunity to let your audience engage in your content and processes. We create engagement and trust by finding topics that interest your target audience, tailored to your brand’s demographics and user personas.


Short clips and stories are an effective tool to keep your audience updated and an essential part of user conversion in social media. We create stories that complement your brand’s visual identity with formats and content tailored to multiple platforms.


Growing your social following while maintaining or increasing engagement can be challenging. Our professionals are ready to advise you on how to balance the two.




In 2019, foreseeing the needs of the WEB3.0 world, a group of ethical hackers respected in the Deepweb, aiming to destroy fraud wherever it can be reached, founded Hackdra because of their passion for making the internet more secure. Today, Hackdra is the first and only AI-powered security company in the market, combining their passion for cyber security with the 185 IQ level AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology they have developed. It develops security products and solutions for organizations to combat security risks in the digital age. It combines this innovative structure with the skills of ethical hackers and security experts to provide perfect security that makes a difference in ARM (attack resistance management). This approach enables organizations to always stay ahead of cyber threats. It closes the security gap between what organizations have and what they can protect. Its differentiating technology and innovative methodology to find and close the holes in the digital attack surface by unquestionably preventing fraud in every accessible area support its ever-growing family by breaking ground in the WEB3.0 world. Hackdra has global offices in New York, USA, and headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. Today, our mission, values, approach, and innovative structure keep our team’s passion alive by supporting our team’s passion for making the WEB3.0 world a better and more reliable place.


Years of Expertise




Expert Members






Corporate Companies


Crypto Exchanges


Service Provided


Pentesting Projects


Audited Projects


Codes Reviewed


Codes Repaired


Attacks Blocked


Vulnerabilities Fixed


Vulnerabilities Discovered


Reputable on the Deepweb

Reputable on the Deepweb

As a deepweb based company, we value our security as much as we care about the safety of our customers. We guide you through the steps to help protect your company’s reputation, such as providing measures such as Deepweb record searches, fraud resolution services, and identity theft insurance.
Expert Consulting

Expert Consulting

Hackdra has a large family of expert security engineers and ethical hackers. It is also the only security company committed to keeping projects and brands at the forefront of the industry by providing secure advanced analysis and reports using AI technology to provide consulting services.
Time-Efficient Process

Time-Efficient Process

The consulting time is agreed upon with the customer at the negotiation stage, and there are no unexpected delays. We start consulting immediately after a customer has notified us of all necessary requests.
Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

The consulting price is set at the negotiations stage. It is based only on the complexity and scope of the consulting. There are no hidden fees and penalties.
International trust

International trust

Hackdra consulting meets all security protocol requirements and allows you to grow safely. Thus, it serves as an indicator of your credibility with users.


The incidence of vulnerability exploitation, fraud and phishing exploitation in the projects and brands that Hackdra provides consultancy is 0%.


All of us Hackdra family are driven by a passion for our mission, and a strong urge to work together to make the world a better place.

Microsoft Gold Certified
The Linux Foundation
python Software Foundation
The Apache Software Foundation


Hackdra Unites Exceptional Talent By Sourcing Employees From The Best Universities And Companies Across The World.


Get in touch with us for a free and non-binding discovery call where we can get to know your project, its ambitions and needs, outline relevant budgets and KPIs, and tailor the relevant strategies that will take you where you need to be.